Electrical appliances

Since August 15, 2018, the new requirements for the collection of electrical equipment under the Act on the Marketing, Return and Environmentally Sound Disposal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ElektroG) have applied. From this date, furniture such as electrically adjustable desks, smart textiles such as flashing shoes and cabinets with integrated lighting will also be included in e-waste. In addition, a distinction must still be made between batteries and rechargeable batteries, and these must be removed from the equipment if possible. Essentially, the distinction between large electrical appliances and small electrical appliances is important for proper disposal.

Small electrical appliances:

  • Small electrical appliances or cables can be disposed of at no additional charge at recycling centers and through the Red Bins available to the public in the city.
  • Please ensure that all appliances are placed in the waste bins without batteries or rechargeable batteries. This not only reduces the risk of fire, but is also mandatory by law. These can be returned to any store that sells batteries and rechargeable batteries, or taken to our recycling centers.

Large electrical appliances