Where to put the table, chair, armchair and co.

Since January 1, 2022, we have been offering you an improved bulky waste service in Bonn: defective and no longer usable pieces of furniture and other bulky furnishings are collected directly from the roadside on three fixed dates and a fourth variable date at no additional charge.

The flexible date can be registered by any household. The appointment can be made independently using the online form or by calling our customer service on 0228 - 555 27 20.


Before you put your furnishings out for bulky waste collection, check whether they can still be reused. We can help you with tips on sustainability under ReUse and have summarized important information for you in the "Wanted and found" and "Bulkywaste" leaflets. Swap and giveaway markets, flea markets, buying and selling portals and repair cafés make a significant contribution to waste prevention: Because the longer an item is used, the less energy and raw materials have to be used for new products and the smaller the mountains of waste become.

Another option is our non-commercial swap and give-away market. Anyone can become active here privately. You can enter and delete your offers and requests for things to be swapped or given away yourself, regardless of time, easily and free of charge.

It's that easy with bulky waste:

We have put together a clear overview of what is included in bulky waste and what is not. The items must be placed at the edge of the sidewalk by 7 a.m. at the latest on the day of collection in such a way that no one is inconvenienced, hindered or endangered beyond what is unavoidable.

The date does not suit you? As a citizen of Bonn, you can also deliver bulky waste yourself to the recycling centers for a fee or, in the case of larger quantities, to the waste recycling plant (MVA) in Bonn.

The individual appointment is limited to a maximum of 5 cubic meters of bulky waste that can be collected. For this reason, the items intended for disposal are requested when the appointment is made.