Large electrical appliances

You can order the collection of your large electrical appliances from us. Bonn's households can use this service at no extra charge by calling 0228 - 555 27 20, by or conveniently using our online form. On the day of collection, large electrical appliances must be placed at the edge of the sidewalk by 7 a.m. at the latest in such a way that no one is inconvenienced, obstructed or endangered by them beyond what is unavoidable. If the date does not suit you, the recycling centers will accept your electrical appliances free of charge.

What does it include?

Generally, large electrical appliances are those whose largest edge length is 50 centimeters or more.

What does not belong to it?

  • Commercial appliances such as refrigerated counters from restaurants or large photocopiers (for example from copy stores)
  • Cannibalized devices
  • Equipment parts

To be noted:

  • It is possible to drop off electrical appliances (without batteries and rechargeable batteries) from households and small businesses in Bonn at the recycling centers. For five or more large appliances, please make an appointment by telephone. Night storage heaters must generally be registered by telephone.

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