Biowaste is organic waste of animal or plant origin. This includes, for example, food scraps or wilted flowers and weeds.

Organic waste from the garden (e.g. lawn and hedge cuttings, branches, shrubs, plants and leaves) can be disposed of via the stationary or mobile green containers. Our stationary green containers are located at the two recycling centers and at some cemeteries in the city area, while the mobile green containers can be used free of charge from March 1 to November 30. The locations can be found on the city map. The green garbage can (or bio garbage can) is free of charge in Bonn and is for plant remains and food leftovers from the kitchen as well as waste in small quantities from the garden.

The use of compostable plastic bags is not allowed in Bonn according to § 18 paragraph 1 sentence 3 of the waste statutes . Instead, you can use, for example, newspaper as well as kitchen paper or paper bags. We also offer a compostable organic bag made of 100 percent recycled, unbleached, wet-strength and compostable special paper through retailers in cooperation with RSAG AöR.

Organic waste includes:

  • Clean-up scraps from fruits and vegetables (e.g., potato and apple peels, lettuce leaves, eggshells, coffee grounds, tea bags).
  • waste of animal origin (e.g. meat, sausage, bones, cheese)
  • Prepared and salted food waste (e.g. bread, potato salad, cooked vegetables, stews)
  • Garden waste (e.g. wilted flowers, shrub cuttings, leaves, weeds, twigs: please dispose of large quantities via the green containers )

Bio-waste does not include:

  • Liquids
  • Compostable film bags (e.g., made from potato or corn starch) and products made from biodegradable plastics
  • Coated paper and glossy paper
  • Sweepings and vacuum cleaner bags
  • Feces of all kinds (e.g., cat and dog excrement)
  • Cat and small animal litter (also no eco, organic or natural cat litter)
  • Excavated soil (earth)
  • Treated wood
  • Dead animals

You can find more information on the page "Waste, Bins & Co. If you have any further questions, our customer service is available by or by phone at 0228 - 555 27 20 (except on public holidays, Rosenmontag, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve).