Side bags

If you occasionally have additional waste quantities due to festivals or public holidays, for which the capacities of the residual waste containers (gray waste bin) are not sufficient, bonnorange AöR offers additional side bags with a volume of 70 liters, which can be placed at the edge of the sidewalk on the day of collection. The environmentally friendly gray foil bag bears the bonnorange logo as a black imprint. They are made of recycled material, bear the Blue Angel and are available from retailers. The sacks must not be filled with wet waste or objects that could leak out or cause injury. Their maximum permissible weight is 20 kilograms. The collection fee is included in the current selling price of 4 euros per bag. The price is based on the current waste disposal fee of the Federal City of Bonn.


Please place the filled and tied waste bags with the bonnorange logo at the edge of the sidewalk (by 6:30 a.m.) for collection on the day of residual waste collection, so that no one is inconvenienced, hindered or endangered beyond the unavoidable. Parts of the waste must not protrude from the bag. The commercial (mostly blue or black) plastic bags are not taken along by the waste collection.

In the following overview, we have listed the sales points of the side bags in the Bonn city area. You can also view the sales outlets on our city map (German).

Points of sale in the district of Bonn

  • REWE Markt, Friedensplatz 1-3, 53111 Bonn (Innenstadt)
  • REWE Markt, Kölnstraße 154, 53111 Bonn (Zentrum/Nordstadt)
  • REWE Markt, Heerstraße 40-42, 53111 Bonn (Altstadt)
  • REWE Markt, Weberstraße 118, 53113 Bonn (Südstadt)
  • Edeka-Markt Steilen, Königstraße 79-81, 53115 Bonn (Südstadt)
  • Edeka-Aktiv-Markt Kipping, Römerstraße 118, 53117 Bonn (Castell)
  • Kaufland, Oppelner Straße 126, 53119 Bonn (Tannenbusch)
  • Mohr Frischecenter KG, Lievelingsweg 84, 53119 Bonn (Nordstadt)
  • OBI Markt Bonn-Nord, Bornheimer Straße 166, 53119 Bonn (Nordstadt)
  • REWE Markt, Immenburgstraße 42, 53121 Bonn (Weststadt)
  • Schreibwaren Zöllner, Siemensstraße 225, 53121 Bonn (Dransdorf)
  • Edeka-Markt Schwindt, Reichsstraße 46, 53125 Bonn (Röttgen) 
  • Edeka Schüren, Röttgener Straße 69, 53127 Bonn (Ippendorf)
  • Haushalt & Co., Pützstraße 35, 53129 Bonn (Kessenich)
  • REWE Markt, Pleimesstraße 3, 53129 Bonn (Dottendorf)

Points of sale in the district of Bad Godesberg

  • Schreibwaren Zöllner, Annaberger Straße 145, 53175 Bonn (Friesdorf)
  • Edeka-Markt Kipping, Annaberger Straße 148, 53175 Bonn (Friesdorf)
  • REWE Markt, Wurzerstraße 101-105, 53175 Bonn (Plittersdorf)
  • OBI Bad Godesberg, Godesberger Straße 63, 53175 Bonn
  • Lotto und Toto Wallbruch, Wurzerstraße 108, 53175 Bonn (Plittersdorf)
  • Aral Tankstelle Willi Sülzen GmbH & Co. KG, Koblenzer Straße 171, 53177 Bonn (Pennenfeld)
  • REWE Markt, Villichgasse 17, 53177 Bonn (Alt-Godesberg/Zentrum)
  • REWE Markt, Am Michaelshof 2, 53177 Bonn (Alt-Godesberg/ Zentrum)
  • Edeka Markt Bock, Akazienweg 10, 53177 Bonn (Heiderhof)
  • HIT Markt, Drachenburgstraße 14, 53179 Bonn (Mehlem)
  • Post-Lotto-Schreibwaren, Mainzer Str. 172, 53179 Bonn (Mehlem)
  • Lannesdorfer Post, Deutschherrenstr. 204, 53179 Bonn (Lannesdorf)

Points of sale in the district of Beuel

  • Schreib- und Spielwaren Bianca Quadt, Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 46-52, 53225 Bonn (Beuel-Mitte)
  • REWE Markt, Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 58, 53225 Bonn (Beuel-Mitte)
  • Edeka Markt Kipping, Clemensstraße 39-41, 53225 Bonn (Schwarzrheindorf/Vilich-Rheindorf)
  • Edeka Lange, Mirecourtstraße 15, 53225 Bonn (Vilich-Rheindorf)
  • REWE Markt, Küdinghovener Straße 141, 53225 Bonn (Limperich)
  • REWE Adrian, Am Buschhof 19-21, 53227 Bonn (Oberkassel)
  • Lotto Toto Horch, Kirchstraße 33, 53227 Bonn (Küdinghoven)
  • REWE Markt, Am Weidenbach 31, 53229 Bonn (Beuel-Pützchen) 

Points of sale in the district of Hardtberg

  • REWE Markt, Edisonallee 1, 53125 Bonn (Brüser Berg)
  • Edeka-Markt Steilen, Im Mühlenbach 2a, 53127 Bonn (Lengsdorf)

Points de vente aux limites de la ville (en dehors de la zone urbaine)

  • OBI Markt, Alfterer Straße 35-37, 53347 Alfter (Oedekoven)